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The Kicksled Choir

Directed by: Torfinn Iversen

Cast: Benoni Brox Krane, Stig Henrik Hoff, Nicholai Evans, Kahled Saleh Ankila

Country: Norway

Time: 18:00

Synopsis: A boy wants to sing in the local choir but when his father gets into a fight with a refugee, his aspirations are in jeopardy.

How did the idea for Kicksled Choir come about?

My producer Julia Andersen and I came across a Norwegian youth forum about some kids who wanted to give away their old clothes to the refugees that had just arrived in their village. But they were not allowed to give their clothes away by their parents which caused discussions. Regarding the kicksledges, they have been used for ages as a means of transportation in Norway during winter time. There are so many choirs in Norway, in every little small place. We had the idea to combine a choir with riding kicksledges, going around asking for charity donations.

Is it the actual choir in the film?

The Kicksled Choir does not exist for real. That is something we invented for the film. The choir in the film is actually formed by people from three local choirs who had never sung together before being a part of this film. They needed some extra rehearsal in order to learn to sing together.

Benoni Brox Krane turns in a wonderful performance. How did you come across him?

When we did the casting about a 100 boys showed up. Benoni, who got the role at the end, was a part of the kid’s ensemble at a professional theatre in Tromsø in northern Norway. When I saw him the first time, I knew immediately he was the right boy to play the main character.

What are the challenges when filming in the Norwegian mountains during winter?

I would say that a lot of snow might slow down the speed on set but it’s just so beautiful that it’s worth the pain. Luckily, the cast and the crew were prepared with warm clothes and patience. We were shooting in early April, and the weather kept changing from snowy to sunny. That can sometimes be challenging for the continuity.

You have made numerous short films and won many awards. What advice would you give to someone making their first short film?

Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to fail. Give your main character a difficult dilemma and make it hard for him or her to reach the goal. Try to find the one special unforgettable image that makes you want to make the film.