Musical Artist Competition
The World's First Global Film Festival

Calling all Musical Artists! We are excited to announce that the MANHATTAN SHORT will be featuring a Musical Artist or Band leading up to and throughout the duration of the Festival each year.

The selected Musician or Band will have his/her music featured in over four hundred venues and to over 100,000 people worldwide during the MANHATTAN SHORT intermission and in all promotional materials leading up to the festival dates, including exclusive headline billing on our website. This is a tremendous opportunity for new or unknown musical talent to have their music broadcast to our ready-made worldwide audience of eager festival attendees. It is also a unique chance to gain name recognition and immediate exposure.

  • The Featured Musical Artist will be featured in over 400 venues world wide reaching over 100,000 people.
  • Their latest music will be featured on all MANHATTAN SHORT E-blasts as well as on all of our participating cinema E-blasts in the months leading up to the Festival reaching an audience of millions. Hyperlinks to sales and digital downloads of the album will accompany each individual blast.
  • The selected Musical Artist will be featured on MANHATTAN

"Living in New York City, I see and hear so many great musicians performing wonderful music, and they all struggle with the same issue - a lack of exposure beyond small clubs and gigs, and how to go about finding a larger audience to get their music heard. Well, we have an audience of over a hundred thousand worldwide who are passionate about seeing or hearing the next generation of talented Artists. So, lets make it happen,"  said founding director Nicholas Mason.

In addition to playing the featured artist's music during our Festival's intermission, we will provide links on our website to download the music of the Featured Musical Artist via iTunes, or whichever site or app applies on all Festival E-blasts worldwide, reaching millions.

Click here to see a list of venues/markets each Artist will be promoted in.

Deadline for Entries is July 31st each year.

Click here to enter the Featured Musical Artist Competition for 2021.


Artist: Jazz D'Arcy



Instagram: @jazzdarcy

You Tube:


Artist: Alexandra Kay



Instagram: @alexandrakaymusic

Twitter: @alexandrakay

Snapchat: @alexandrakaymusic


Artist: Pat Powell

Country: Australia

Album: About Time

Click here to purchase this album on Itunes