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The World's First Global Film Festival

Highlights of Volume 3 include....Gold Medal Winners, Hibernation (2005) David & Goliath (2011) & Superman, Spiderman or Batman (2012) and the Oscar Nominated Madagascar (2011).

Film Director/s Country Award Year
I Love Luci Colin Kennedy Scotland Bronze Medal Winner 2011
A Doctor's Job Julio Ramos Peru Finalist 2011
Skhizein Jeremy Clapin France Gold Medal Winner 2010
Hibernation John Williams UK Gold Medal Winner 2005
Make My Day Pelle Moeller Denmark Finalist 2008
Superman, Spiderman or Batman Tudor Giurgu Romania Gold Medal Winner 2012
DIK Christopher Stollery Australia Silver Medal Winner 2011
Madagascar Bastien Dubois France Gold Medal Winner
Oscar Nominated 2011
David & Goliath George Zaverdas USA Gold Medal Winner 2011