The World's First Global Film Festival


Don vs Lightning

Directed by: Big Red Button

Don desires a quiet, rural life in the rural Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, the Universe has more electrifying plans in store for him.


Love, Dad

Directed by: Diana Cam Van Nguyen

A woman rediscovers letters her father wrote to her from prison. She then decides to write to him, putting on paper what couldn't be said.


Save the Bees

Directed by: Charlie Schwan

When a gruesome accident makes a messy break up even messier, a couple decides to set aside their differences in order to save themselves.


The Treatment

Directed by: Alvaro Carmona

A clinic offers bald men a full-proof way to restore long as you're okay with one controversial but related side effect.



Directed by: Emmanuel Tenenbaum

A London stockbroker with a bad track record makes the bet of his life when New York's World Trade Center is attacked on 9/11. Inspired by a true story.



Directed by: Rhian Williams

An Asian American woman's one night stand takes an unsexy turn when breakfast the morning after comes with a side of fetishism.


Freedom Swimmer

Directed by: Olivia Martin McGuire

A man's perilous swim from China to Hong Kong parallels his granddaughter's desire for freedom beyond a city once viewed as a refuge.


The Blanket

Directed by: Teppo Airaksinen

Winter, 1939 Finland. A 10-year-old girl is sent to fetch milk for her baby brother. There are hazards more dangerous than thin ice.



Directed by: Dania Bdair

A Beirut construction worker volunteers for the most dangerous job on the site. Away from everyone's eyes, a secret passion takes flight.


The Big Green

Directed by: Laurenzo Massoni

The owner of a logging camp suddenly finds herself stuck up a tree without a ladder and no signal on her mobile phone. The only way out is up.